Sources and data for Newcastle

A word of warning: Please note that Newcastle is among those councils which has severely cut back on services and continues to do so.  If you find a good resource or interesting information you are advised to save the material for personal reference.  A great deal of good material has been deleted from the council site over the years.

Regional data

ONS statistics for NE England

ONS population report for NE England based on 2011 Census

Census 2011 data for England and Wales

Census 2011 statistics published so far for wards and output areas in England

Newcastle city council

Newcastle City Council

Ward map for Newcastle upon Tyne (2009):  Individual ward boundary maps are available for each ward from ‘Where you live’

The council’s statistics page now links to an external site called Know Newcastle.  Partners in Newcastle, led by the Wellbeing for Life Board,  are working to achieve an evidence-based planning approach called the Newcastle Future Needs Assessment.  This seems to draw mainly on Census and other official statistics.  You can download a variety of pdf reports including charts and some maps.

Know your community Newcastle communities by geographical areas, currently profiles for wards only.  You can click on a map, but it is not a mapping package.

My Neighbourhood Some additional ward-based information is available from ‘Where you live‘.  My neighbourhood page: (Each of the ward pages should have a ward boundary map in a pdf format available.)

Wellbeing for life for information on the health and well-being of the city’s population (Replaces the Newcastle Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.  Up-to-date information should be available from Know Your City at Know Newcastle.)

Newcastle Maps Online This council ward-based mapping service seems to have been removed.  Instant Atlas which mapped and displayed data by ward for a series of years as interactive maps is no longer available.

Newcastle Collections Historical maps


Housing strategy Housing Delivery Plan 2013 – 2016 and background evidence paper

Your Homes Newcastle is an arms length company which manages council-owned housing in Newcastle


Newcastle’s local plan  All local authorities are required to produce a Local Plan with the aim of providing a more flexible planning system that adapts to changing priorities and which seeks to secure sustainable development.

Planning policy Links to a number of documents and pages.  

Newcastle and Gateshead councils have been working together on the One Core Strategy, a strategic planning document.   This plan set out a shared vision and guide where development is to be permitted, how much there should be, what land should be protected and how places should change by 2030.  This plan was approved by Newcastle Council for submission to the Secretary of State in January 2014.  A decision to accept was belatedly reached in November 2014 by a Government planning inspector and the final report was issued in February 2015.  See

Newcastle Council One Core Strategy page

Bridging Document – looking towards 2030

Page last updated 28 Aug 2015.

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