The latest English Housing Survey 2015-16 on people’s housing circumstances has just been published by

“Government data reveals that the private rented sector has doubled in size since 2004, with almost half of all people in England aged 25 to 34 paying a private landlord for their accommodation.” The Guardian March 2nd 2017

In 2015, the survey estimated there were 23.5m households in England, including occupied and vacant homes. Of these, 14.8m (63%) were owner occupied, 4.7m (20%) were private rented, 1.7m (7%) were local authority and 2.4m (10%) were housing association homes [Figure 2.1 and Annex Table 2.1 English Housing Survey].
Trends in tenure 1980-2016 [figure 1.1 English Housing Survey]
This shows a continuation in 21st century patterns of decreased owner-occupation and increased private renting particularly among younger and less affluent households.
“On average, those buying their home with a mortgage spent 18% of their household income on mortgage payments where rent payments were 28% of household income for social renters and 35% of household income for private renters.” [Headline report p2

In 2015-16 outright owner households were predominately older people; couples with no dependent children (45%) and one person households (33%). Almost half (47%) of households buying with a mortgage had dependent children compared with just 8% of outright owners. In the past decade (2005-06 to 2015-16) the proportion of households in the private rented sector with children increased from 30% to 36% (about 945,000 more households).  Over the same period, the proportion of households in the social rented sector with children decreased from 36% to 32% (around 123,000 fewer households).


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