Map split by local authority_final_960x640_update Q2_2016

Asylum seekers in receipt of Section 95 support, by local authority, per million population, at the end of June 2016

Locally-based statistics are not always easily found.  Government figures are produced in dense spreadsheets and summarised in aggregated reports.  However, in August 2016 the Home Office produced a UK-wide map of asylum seekers in receipt their support.  (There is also an interactive web tool: What are migration levels like in your area?)

People seeking asylum are excluded from claiming welfare benefits and usually from working.  What they can access is support in the form of housing and basic expenses through a Home Office scheme “under Section 95” (part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999). This scheme  supports those whose claims are ongoing and who are destitute (or about to become destitute) and the numbers for Newcastle are shown in the graph below.

asylum seekers graph
Total asylum seekers receiving support in Newcastle upon Tyne 2003-16

(Larger chart)

The data includes asylum seekers and their dependants and failed asylum seekers who remain supported  if they have children at the time their claim is finally rejected.

The pattern shows the Home Office is supporting less than half the number of asylum seekers in Newcastle it did in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the peak in the first quarter of 2004.  Although numbers have been rising since the end of 2013, they were previously much higher (2004-2008). In 2004 about a third of all asylum seekers who came to NE England were accommodated in Newcastle; by comparison in 2016 this had dropped to a fifth.  The proportion was highest in Q2 of 2006 (38.41%) and at its lowest in Q4 2013 (13.90%).  This partly reflects the way the contract holder GS4 has distributed asylum seekers throughout NE England from May 2011.  [Calculated from: Immigration Statistics – April to June 2016: Asylum (pub. 25 Aug 2016), vol 4, table as 16 q.   Available from: ]


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