The Chronicle reports that statistics from the Ministry of Justice show that the number of residents removed from rented accommodation by court bailiffs in the past two years is the highest recorded level for any two-year period going back more than 10 years.  Between April 2013 and March 2015, 1,847 households across the NE of England region were repossessed by the courts, with 1,720 of these occurring in social housing.  Newcastle Chronicle May 23 2015  Charities like Shelter and Crisis blame cuts in welfare provision which make it difficult for people to manage and affordable housing is scarce. Newcastle Chronicle June 5 2015

However, Newcastle City Council stated the number of tenants removed from Your Homes Newcastle properties, those managed by the city’s arms-length social housing organisation, had actually fallen to 53 in 2014/15 due to targeting of advice and support.  The biggest cause of homelessness originates in private rented accommodation.

Housing charity Shelter has produced this map for England showing where the hotspots are:


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