A case study in urban geography

This is an urban geography case study of selected residential areas in Newcastle upon Tyne.  The content is aimed at Geography students, particularly those studying for A-level, SQA Higher or similar pre-degree level courses.

Image: Bridges on the Tyne looking from the Baltic gallery towards the Newcastle side of the river.

Bridges on the Tyne from the Baltic gallery towards Newcastle.


Google map: View the locations of the selected residential areas on a larger Google map.


The original images on this website were taken between 2000 and 2003 and there will have been changes in these areas since then.  Some images have been updated (2014 onwards). If a blue caption is provided you will be able to access a large size image on Flickr.  I own the copyright on my own images and some rights are reserved (to be clear an attribution, non commercial, no derivatives Creative Commons 4.0 applies – this lets you use the images for educational purposes providing you credit the author and don’t edit them).  Users should check links to material I have shared.

You can also check these websites for additional images:

Note to readers

This site is not a platform involved in campaigning for or against particular housing developments or on urban issues in general.  Where appropriate, links are provided to sites and sources covering a range of publicly available views. Thanks to those who have taken the trouble to submit a comment and apologies for not publishing it.

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